On 8th September, we had two new "employees" working for us. Ai and Taku re engineers, and they are currently working at ALCARE, Japan.

This was the first time Ai and Tak visit D Nang. he main reason why they were here is to work with students t Danang Universit. Before leaving Da Nang, they were assigned a very special task by their company. That is, they had to find a part time job at any place in D Nan and worked for 2 hours a day.

Ai and Taku decided to come to Danang Souvenirs & Cafe, asking whether they could work for us. They said that they were happy to do anything, from cleang to greeting customers. Yet, they did not require to be paid.

At first, we were very surprised but eventually our manager agreed to give them the task of greeting customers in three languages: Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. Ai and Taku took the job very ‘seriously’. They were very friendly with the customers. These two engineers kept asking for more tasks to do when the shop was not too busy. So, their next tasks were to help tidy up the little garden inside our shop. While Taku ‘assisted’ our cleaner, Ms. Huong, Ai worked as a translator. Overall, we were very impressed with their working attitude.

If you visited Danang Souvenirs that day, you surely saw Ai and Taku’s big smiles. The presence of Ai and Taku brought joys to all of us. It is our pleasure to help these 2 Japanese friends accomplish their tasks. We do hope that Ai and Taku have some amazing moments and experiences during their time in Da Nang. 

                                                                     Our "special staff" Ai and Taku  

                                                                     Our "special staff" Ai and Taku  

How many times we are willing to do what Ai and Taku did? Just a little story like this inspires us. At Danang Souvenirs, we constantly find inspirations to love our job more, work harder, and find experiences that are perhaps outside of our comfort zone.